What we did
Multi-organisation stakeholder engagement
Interpretation of research
Evidence-based narratives
Co-creational development process
Visual storyboards
Animations designed for social channels

Authenticity is crucial when working with a young person audience.

The co-creational approach was essential in the development of a series of short animations to promote SNH’s Natural Health Service concept aimed at encouraging the use of green spaces and the outdoors for a 14-18 year old female audience.

The challenges that young females face when accessing green spaces (from social norms to body image, and safety to weather) underpin the lead messaging.

The stakeholder process, planned and designed by Stand, was delivered in collaboration with YoungScot’s research team. Stand facilitated the process by developing a series of narratives and visual storyboards to help the young women best articulate their own experiences.

The participants were consulted on every element of the communication – from the language used, to the visual delivery of the stories – everything from clothing and accessories to context and situational norms (who knew that you don’t take a handbag to the park?!)

The devil is certainly in the detail when marketing to young person audience. And the level of understanding and commitment these participants had into the process was inspiring.