When one of the world’s leading luxury leather manufacturers, Scottish Leather Group, challenged Stand to help them to communicate their approach and commitment to sustainability in a more consistent and effective way it was a challenge we embraced.

SLG had an impressive sustainability story to tell. And, as a provider of leather to global brands such as Rolls Royce, Emirates, Aston Martin, British Airways and Princess Yachts, Stand was aware of just how important it would be to ensure that every element of SLG’s sustainability story was told in the right way.

In a sector that essentially relies on the by-products of the meat processing sector to provide its raw material, sustainability is a complex matter. Everything from using water from their own loch, through to responsible sourcing and traceability processes sitting alongside energy consumption and the responsible disposal, and useful re-sale of their own tannery by-products such as collagen. Their approach positions SLG at the forefront of the Circular Economy not just in Scotland, but globally.

Internally it was felt SLG’s two existing sustainability initiatives were no longer consistent or comprehensive enough to capture the complex thread that today’s sustainable business practises weave throughout the entire SLG business (Muirhead, Bridge of Weir, NCT, Lang and SLG Technology).

Our brief was simply to capture the business’ unique commitment to sustainable practice and to use it to position SLG ahead of its competitors worldwide!

Through a series of intensive key stakeholder workshops, Stand’s strategy team quickly recognised that SLG had, over many years, made many demonstrable commitments and investments to sustainable business practices. Commitments that were inherent to their core values, long before sustainable practice was on every business’ agenda.

In fact, SLG had been prioritising sustainable practice over the years, making major financial investments rooted in their belief that it was the ‘right thing to do’ – a practice so ingrained in the company’s DNA, that the power of their approach was something they took for granted – and in typical Scottish style, rarely shouted about.

Sustainable by Nature was borne, a communication platform positioning SLG as not just another voice in the sustainability conversation, but making SLG the loudest and clearest voice leading the conversation.

Already Sustainable by Nature is being recognised and referenced by international leather industry authorities and the platform will continue to lead the sustainability conversation under SLG’s guidance as that conversation evolves in the years ahead.

Neil Clark, Marketing Manager at SLG, said: “Scottish Leather Group has a great sustainability story to tell the world and now, through the launch of our Sustainable by Nature platform, we have the perfect way to tell that story.”