What we did
Stakeholder Engagement, Production/Art Direction, Scripting, Editing, Graphics

5G technology will fundamentally change how human beings live, interact and transact in the years ahead and improve how healthcare, social care and sustainability are delivered for everyone.

As a small, but socially and economically diverse nation, Scotland has, for many years, provided the perfect test market for many new products and campaigns and 5G now offers huge potential to build on that position by opening Scotland up as a ‘de-risk’ environment in which global companies can try new technologies that will one day harness the full power of 5G.

Strategic engagement workshops with the S5GC board of directors and external stakeholders, including some of the world’s largest telecoms providers, enabled Stand to capture the essence of the centre as Scotland’s platform to connect and collaborate on 5G projects.

The launch film, aimed at policy makers, business leaders and technology innovators, showcases the real advantages Scotland has to offer businesses and countries looking to fully exploit the opportunities 5G will offer globally.

Derek Boyd, former Interim Director at the Scotland 5G Centre, said: “From the start, I was impressed with Stand’s desire to produce something really special for us. They realised from the outset how important this was and we were determined to produce an outstanding film. The session where we had our first early stage review really blew me away. It was clear from then that Stand had really applied their creativity, and my team and I were all delighted.

“The final product was excellent and really captured the essence of Scotland as an attractive, high tech and innovative location. Everything from the scenery, the faces appearing, the animated script and the soundtrack was just brilliant. It will serve the 5G Centre well for years to come.”