What we did
Campaign strategy, Design concept

Our work for the National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) Summer Campaign 2019 had a very clear brief: create an overarching campaign concept that would enable NGS to showcase the summer series of exhibitions from across all of the Galleries’ venues.

NGS asked Stand to focus the campaign at a new audience that they were keen to better engage. Defined as ‘culturally curious’ – this younger, previously dis-engaged audience would require a step-change in creative delivery.

Our understanding of the audience was deeply rooted into research of their behaviours of  engaging, participating and collaborating. We further refined this ‘culturally curious’ audience as visual people who enjoy exploring contemporary ideas and developing their own critical ability; they need to feel connected; they like co-creation and participation; they also enjoy original and immersive experiences.

Expanding on Bridget Reilly’s ethos that ‘art is a collaboration between artist and the audience’ and ‘that it’s as much about how the audience experiences an artwork, as it is how the artist intended it to be perceived’, our concept centred around a suite of real-life reactions to the artwork, which we then used as headlines for the campaign.

This gave us an opportunity of showcasing the artworks from each exhibition (promoting the artist and their work) while using the reactions to create a multi-faceted campaign, which communicated that art is for everyone and demonstrated that everyone has an opinion, with none being more or less valid than the other.

The campaign was rolled out across a wide range of deliverables including digital and social content, on-site and experiential collateral, and paid-for media (bus sides, films for use online, large scale animations for use on outdoor media, 48-sheet, posters, MPUs, HPUs). The final deliverable was a campaign guideline and toolkit.

Feedback on the success of the approach is that the campaign was well received by the target audience. And as evidence of the success, the approach was further implemented by the NGS in-house team for this year’s winter campaign.