What we did
Brand, strategy, positioning, design, visual identity, website, print

Project team
Cooper Cromar, Factory 73

Cooper Cromar are one of Glasgow’s most respected architectural practices, with a 35-year history of well-considered buildings. Stand looked deep into their company culture and ways of working and delivered radical changes to the way they present themselves internally as well as externally. Cooper Cromar’s new visual platform celebrates the contributions of individual team members as well as the structured approach that underpins everything they do. It’s an identity with deep roots in their internal brand.

Through workshops with employees and interviews with key clients we learned that Cooper Cromar are all about process. It’s the secret of their efficiency and reliability, but leaves room for creativity and flair. The leadership team was surprised at the level of insight, and the importance of culture and employee ambition were immediately embraced. Ultimately we knew that we had to communicate Cooper Cromar’s belief in a clear method, but also shine a light on individuality within the practice.

We developed a website for Cooper Cromar based on the inputs and outputs of their process. We brought their new identity to life from digital and physical stationery to studio environmental branding. Bringing Cooper Cromar’s process to the fore and celebrating the variety in their team, we have transformed the way the practice thinks of itself as well as positioning them as a leading employer brand.

“Stand have skilfully guided us through a process that has been necessarily introspective and soul searching, and we have seen our essence and vision captured in both written and visual form. Stand have been outstanding.”

Graham Forsyth, Director at Cooper Cromar