What we did
Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Design, Illustration, Packaging

Glasgow’s infamous Banditti Club sprang up around the year 1808. They were a band of ardent and adventurous spirits who assembled for the entertainment and amusement of themselves, playing pranks and practical jokes on their unfortunate neighbours.

Banditti Club Rum is based on Glasgow’s history of trading sugar and spices with the West Indies: a tradition of distilling, importing and spicing rum, which at one time was Glasgow’s favourite tipple, and the drink that fuelled the Banditti Club.

The stories of the infamous Banditti Club fired Stand’s collective imagination and we collaborated with Los Angeles-based illustrator and artist Chad Eaton (better known as TIMBER!) to bring the Banditti Club’s story to life, with his unique illustrations capturing the essence of the Banditti to position the new spirit in an increasingly competitive marketplace.