What we did
Campaign Identity, AR Filters, Social Media, Animation, Digital & Print Media

Beatson Cancer Charity support people affected by cancer. It’s a brand that everyone feels proud to be part of.

As a result of COVID-19 it was decided to host the mass participation event ‘Off the Beatson Track’ online and change to a virtual challenge. Stand was asked to help Beatson create an event identity that would build awareness and engagement and capture the excitement of participating in a key fundraising event.

We created an event identity that showcased the much loved Beatson brand and tailored the work to engage with diverse audiences while working within a modest budget. A family event geared to all ages and abilities the simple, on-brand graphic assets are designed to shine out in a crowded online environment.

Multi-disciplinary by nature, we created value beyond traditional social media posts and print. Bespoke AR filters enable participants to share their achievement in the same way they’d do in a real event – proudly wearing their medal – framing them as the real heroes. And importantly, raising money for the Beatson cancer charity to continue to support even more people and families in the years to come.